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Catalyst 3750 Switch Software Configuration Guide 12.2(55)

Catalyst 3750 switch software configuration guide 12.2(55)


Catalyst 3750 Switch Software Configuration Guide 12.2(55) ->





















































Step 5 show running-config Verify your entries. By default, 7000 routes are advertised. The range is 10 to 2000 seconds. When using PIM stub routing, you should configure the distribution and remote routers to use IP multicast routing and configure only the switch as a PIM stub router. Note Use this command to re-enable DNS-based SSM mapping if DNS-based SSM mapping is disabled.


Step 6 copy running-config startup-config (Optional) Save your entries in the configuration file. For access-list-number, enter the access list number specified in Step 2. Place ones in the bit positions that you want to ignore. show ip mpacket [ source-address name ] [ group-address name ] [ detail ] Display the contents of the circular cache-header buffer. Multiple RPs serve different group ranges or serve as hot backups of each other. This procedure is optional. This procedure is optional. For information about Network Assistant, see Getting Started with Cisco Network Assistant , available on


Hosts can signal group membership with filtering capabilities with respect to sources. The election mechanism is similar to the root-bridge election mechanism used in bridged LANs. In some special cases, you can use the neighboring DVMRP router with all subnet information to better control the flow of multicast traffic in the DVMRP network. The device forwards multicast packets that have been forwarded by DVMRP routers and, in turn, forwards multicast packets to DVMRP routers. The default is 10 seconds.


Step 4 end Return to privileged EXEC mode. To return to the default setting, use the no ip igmp query-max-response-time interface configuration command. PIM devices dynamically discover DVMRP multicast routers on attached networks by listening to DVMR probe messages. Step 3 access-list access-list-number { deny permit } source [ source-wildcard ] Create a standard access list, repeating the command as many times as necessary. Before using this guide, you should have experience working with the Cisco IOS software and be familiar with the concepts and terminology of Ethernet and local area networking. The Cisco IOS agent feature supports the switch by providing these features: Initial Configuration Incremental (Partial) Configuration Synchronized Configuration Initial Configuration When the switch first comes up, it attempts to get an IP address by broadcasting a DHCP request on the network. Step 7 show running-config Verify your entries. Cisco IOS devices recognize only event subject-names that match those configured in Cisco IOS software; for example, cisco.cns.config.load. The RPF check is performed differently for each: If a PIM router or multilayer switch has a source-tree state (that is, an (S,G) entry is present in the multicast routing table), it performs the RPF check against the IP address of the source of the multicast packet. Thus, the server-side switchover mechanism ensures that only one of the servers is actively sending video traffic for the TV channel.


Step 2 interface interface-id Specify the interface to be configured, and enter interface configuration mode. Switches receive their initial configuration from the Configuration Service when they start up on the network for the first time. DVMRP unicast routing can run on all interfaces. This feature is disabled by default. You can use any of the privileged EXEC commands in Table 46-5 to clear IP multicast caches, tables, and databases: Table 46-5 Commands for Clearing Caches, Tables, and Databases Command Purpose clear ip cgmp Clear all group entries the Catalyst switches have cached. To return to the default setting, use the no ip igmp query-interval interface configuration command. SSM can also be deployed alone in a network without the full range of protocols that are required for interdomain PIM-SM (for example, MSDP, Auto-RP, or bootstrap router [BSR]) if only SSM service is needed. You can limit how long the entry remains active so that if a source stops advertising SAP information, old advertisements are not needlessly kept. SSM IP Address Range SSM can coexist with the ISM service by applying the SSM delivery model to a configured subset of the IP multicast group address range. bd9e74395d

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